My youth, let me show you it

I’ve been diddling about on Facebook quite a lot lately, and last night I started browsing through the University of Arkansas alums who graduated around the same time I did to see if any familiar names popped up. Evidently not too many of us old-timers have infiltrated Facebook, but I did see one person I knew. This guy here in the middle:

Keith, Len, and Mike
His name is Len and the other two guys are Keith and Mike; they were all DJ’s with me at KRFA, the now-long-dead campus radio station. This was taken at the first Slam ‘n’ Jam, an all-day outdoor music festival that was supposed to be an annual thing but I think we only ended up doing it twice. Miraculously, we managed to hide the keg from the campus po-po both times.

Here’s my ridiculous sideways haircut:

Dig that sideways haircut!
That day also marked the first time I ever heard Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper’s “Elvis Is Everywhere,” which our music director John played for me back at the station that night after the show. Clearly, a day that will live in infamy.

Len’s now a German professor at a little college in northeastern Pennsylvania, and we have agreed that the next time he’s in the city or I’m in the Poconos we’re going to get together and recreate the old staff meetings at Jose’s by drinking margaritas till we’re damn near blind and screeching at each other about whether R.E.M. sold out.